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Working with our trusted business partner of many years, we offer a range of SIP trunk and VOIP telephony solutions that will give you cost savings and increased flexibility. If you looking to open a new office or move business premises, what better time to review your telephony needs and reduce costs.

Or, If your current phones are more than a couple of years old, then the chances are that you are spending more on phone bills then you really need to. On average bills can be halved by switching to a suitable VOIP system and ditching your outdated ISDN or PSBX telephone systems.

The key benefits of VOIP and SIP trunking

  • Reduced costs – typically less than 50% oo set-up costs & ongoing rental of your phone system
  • Better quality – high quality voice calls using high-speed Voice Approved IP circuits
  • Enhanced flexibility – add new phone numbers with any UK dial code irrespective of location
  • More freedom – allow staff to work from home when it suits – ideal for field staff

These benefits make for increased efficiency within your organisation as well as improved functionality. In addition you can keep your existing number by porting it to our IP network, at which point the fixed line will cease.

When you are ready to consider moving your existing telephone communication to SIP talk to us. We appreciate that every organisation has different requirements and so will tailor a solution to meet your exact needs. Whether you are a single site or multi site organisation we have the right solution for you. If you are a multi site organisation we can effectively connect all sites, regardless of their location, to a single SIP system, providing free inter-site calls, improved efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

With increased flexibility and cost savings why wait?

Over 80% of ISDN lines will have moved to SIP by 2019, and with BT Group aiming to move all ISDN customers to IP by 2025, it’s time for you to plan your move.

Check out all of the features:

  • Voicemail
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Forward voicemails to email optional
  • Multi-party Conference calls
  • Conference Bridge with password protection and Outlook integration
  • Transfer calls to external number/mobile
  • Busy lamp fields show status of other extensions
  • Free calls between sites including home workers
  • Remote / home working
  • Mobile twinning (mobile rings when main phone rings)
  • Softphone compatible
  • IP DECT phone compatible
  • Auto-Divert to other number (e.g. Mobile) on power-cut, circuit failure etc.
  • Personalised music-on-hold
  • Call queuing facility
  • Instant Messaging (on compatible handsets)
  • PC Interface (call lists, diverts etc.)
  • TAPI Compliant (for integration with 3rd party applications)
  • Outlook integration for dialling
  • Outlook integration for inbound call screen popping
  • Screen popping of inbound calls with ability to import contacts from Outlook
  • Call recording (ad-hoc)
  • Call recording (FSA Compliant)
  • Door phone compatible
  • Call management reporting (updated overnight)
  • Telephone Number portability – port from BT, keep numbers when you move etc
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