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We perform comprehensive security and performance reviews of entire computer networks. In addition we offer ongoing security consultancy to our support contract customers. The review is made up of two separate components:

1 – computer network performance and security inspection

2 – hardware and software system audit

During the inspection we will analyse your server, network and computers for a variety of conditions that may affect the performance and security of the network. In order for a computer network to function optimally, it is necessary to ensure that the correct configurations are in place. It is also critical that all software is fully patched to fix any ‘bugs’ and prevent any loss of system performance or reliability. In today’s environment of mass virus, worm and Trojan outbreaks, it is critical to review all networks to ensure that they are adequately protected.

The audit section provides a comprehensive audit of all server, network and computer equipment. It includes the audit of software, licensing and configuration. We evaluate what software is running on the network, whether the software is licensed, and make it possible to plan on a medium to long term basis for the replacement of outdated computer equipment.

Unlicensed software may lead to potential civil or criminal legal proceedings, with company Director’s/Proprietors/Partners facing damaging civil penalties. It is, therefore, critical to obtain an audit of all equipment and software, so that the proper precautions can be taken, and the correct procedures put in place to prevent unlicensed usage of software or abuse of the IT infra-structure.

We also provide advice on the current legislation covering computer and Internet use, and provide the correct documentation to be used to ensure that Directors, management and employees are aware of the correct use of computers and the Internet. Please call us for a chat about your requirements.

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