Airfective broadband failover

Airfective is a cable free solution that allows your entire network to carry on should your Internet go down.


  • Automatic seemless switchover
  • Fast data speeds up to 100 mps *
  • Network compatible external gateway
  • No delays no downtime

With an Airfective broadband failover solution you eliminate downtime by having an alternative non-cabled broadband connection. Using mobile technology Airfective automatically kicks in allowing you and your team to continue working.

Perfect for home / remote working solutions

With all things being a little less than certain currently remote working is an essential option for all businesses. Airfective solution can be configured to provide priority bandwidth to certain protocols. SO VPN tunnels and Remote Desktop can be optimised to ensure smooth working.

Powerful Configuration

Requirements vary from site to site. Some have fast but unrleiable broadband in city locations, some have slow intermittent broadband in rural areas.

With Airfective failover we can offer connections from the main providers including o2, Vodafone, EE and 3. For ultimate resilience you can opt for a dual SIM package which allows bandwidth to be shared from more than one provider giving even greater broadband speeds.

Protect your network

Using the content filtering and blocking services you may decide that you wish to prevent the visiting of certain types of web content such as gambling or social media. That’s easy to implement.

You may decide to prevent the download of certain file types which potentially pose a risk to your network such as .exe or PDF. That’s also easy to implement.

Airfective is easy to setup and removes the uncertainty and disruption a broadband outage can cause.

Further benefits:

Load balancing

If you opt for the unlmited plan then Airfective can increase your total Internet bandwidth. Load balancing either automatically spreads your internet traffic across both connections, or you can set rules for specific traffic or users to use specific connections to prioritise bandwith for certain applications such as VOIP.

Poor Signal

If signal strength is poor then additional antenaes can be used to amplify the signal. Outdoor antenaes can be used to massively enhance the signal strength. Using two antenae allows MIMO which multiplies the transmission capacity giving fast robust connectivity.

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