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That’s The Last Patch!

By 13/10/2020October 14th, 2020Blog

Mac Users Lose Support for Microsoft Office 2010 and 2016 today

Windows PCs and laptops will also lose support for Microsoft Office 2010.

This will affect all programs under the Microsoft Office umbrella including OneNote, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access, Excel and Word.

The latest and last patch will be installed today (Tuesday, 13th October 2020), after that point there will be no further security updates, bug fixes or technical support provided for these products.

Don’t panic! The products will still work. They will however increase your chance of being hacked in the future and there will be no support if anything goes wrong with the software.

What to do next

Is it time to upgrade?

There’s never been a better opportunity to upgrade to a newer version of Office and there are two options available. These are :

  • Purchase an Office 2019 license (one-off purchase)
  • Opt for Microsoft 365 Apps (subscription-based)

A one-off Office 2019 license will set you back £249.99 (from the Microsoft store), subscription options are available from £7.90 per month per user.

Microsoft 365 Apps is a cloud-based solution, meaning you can access it anywhere on different devices.

A one-off license will be tied to a specific device.

But is my computer up to it?

As with any software you’ll need to check your specs before making a purchase or subscribing to the Microsoft 365 Apps service.

If you plan to purchase an Office 2019 license visit the Microsoft website for the minimum component requirements. We’ve included a link here.

Going cloud-based? Check the Microsoft Apps 365 requirements by clicking on this link.

What about Office 2013?

Support for Office 2013 is set to terminate in April 2023 with Office 2016 (Windows support) not due to end until October 2025.

You can see a full list of Microsoft products and their intended lifespan by using the Product and Services Lifecycle Information online facility from Microsoft. A link is provided here

Are you a business still running Microsoft Office 2010? We can help.

We’ve successfully migrated many of our clients to the cloud so they can work from home, from the office or on the go.

Call us on 01626 360011 to chat informally about your current software.

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