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Increase the visibility of your web site

Myriad Digital can improve your organisations’ web site search engine rankings dramatically. Our search engine optimisation campaigns frequently produce first page listings with the major search engines.

High search engine rankings consistently lead to more web site visitors. Visitors who are looking for specific products, services or information. More targeted visitors to a web site leads to higher sales potential.

Myriad Digital works with clients to implement a viable optimisation campaign, designed to provide a steady increase of targeted web site traffic using an ‘organic’ growth approach.

Search engine optimisation or SEO campaigns can be applied to both existing and new web sites. We create new web sites or rework and resubmit existing web sites to the major search engines in a way that leads to highly ranked search engine listings.

By applying a selection of carefully chosen search engine optimisation techniques that comply to current industry standards, we get strong results.

We adopt a strategy of advising clients of the suitability of our services for their product or service offerings. We will then only engage an optimisation program if we consider that it will provide the direct benefit that is required.

Our complete search engine optimisation and reporting service is designed to promote small to medium businesses and other organisations across the web. Our methods include a series of proven search engine optimisation techniques that promote the ranking of a web site whilst employing ethically-sound, high-performing optimisation practices.

Our search engine optimisation or SEO service offers:

Content arrangement to attract search engine attention

Manual submission to popular and relevant search engines / web directories

Resubmission (where necessary) to search engines to maximise placing

Regular statistical reports to show SEO service performance

Prompt attention – we will start within a week of receipt of order and deposit

Quick response to any email support (within 24 hours)

A service that provides true long-term benefit to your web-marketing campaign

This approach has allowed us to gain some very strong positions for our clients web sites. If you would like to see some detailed statistics on this service, we will be happy to demonstrate the sort of performance that the SEO (search engine optimisation) service can provide.

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