Power Upgrades

Get more power – memory and storage are crucial

Our power upgrades allow easy transformation of your PC or laptop by using solid state drives and increasing RAM. As well as increasing speed performance it is also an opportunity to increase the storage capacity of your machine.


Solid state drives (SSDs) are designed to store important data and dramatically speed up your system. Designed with no moving parts means SSDs improve battery life. They’re more reliable, durable, and improve overall computer performance. Available in various sizes from 256Gb to 2TB.


Since memory is one of your system’s most important resources, it impacts almost every aspect of performance. A memory upgrade is a very cost effective way of extending the life of your hardware be it a laptop, desktop or server.

A memory upgrade empowers your system to achieve faster application loading times, increased responsiveness, increased multi-tasking capability, and increased ability to handle data-intensive programs. Upgrades available from 8Gb to 128Gb.

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