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Beware of Word Document Viruses !

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For some of us they’re coming in think and fast and can cause real problems. Picking on a format that are frequently exchanged, Word documents have become the carrier of a strain of very destructive viruses that can be time consuming and therefore costly to fix.

Microsfot Word files contain small programs called “macros” which are shortcuts that are customisable and can automate tasks such as formatting text or applying bullet lists. However, this macro programming language can also be used to write viruses that activate  when you open the Word file.

By using tempting filenames or message conent the hackers are quite good at encouraging users to open the attachment thus deploying the virus. A good example is “Credit Note XYZ” or similar that suggests by clicking you may receive some reward.

So how can you avoid problems ?

The best advice is to only open email attachments from a trusted source i.e. folk you know. Even then be weary as it is possible that their machine has become infected and is sending out the virus.

Make sure that your Eset Anti Virus is up to date and switched on and scanning email attachements for viruses.

Let us dispose of your used computer kit

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recylcleWorking with a certified recycling partner we are now able to take away your old equipment from as little as £2 per item.

Our recycling partner operates a fully licensed WEEE processing site based in Devon and can dispose of all types of electrical waste, and provide all relevant legal paperwork. They are fully registered as a licensed processing site and as waste carriers with the Environment Agency.


This means that when we supply you with new equipoment we can also dispose of your retired kit in a responsible way and at a reasonable cost. Including:

Computers Laptops Servers Telecom Equipment
Network Equipment Monitors Printers

Please call us if you have electrical items that you want to dispose of and we can provide you with a quote and schedule a visit to collect.

Myriads Hosted Desktop Solutions Are Unbeatable Value

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With tailored solutions from as little as £25 per user per month, Myriad offers a very flexible package allowing you to select exactly what you want and manage things on a monthly basis. Otherwise known as virtual desktops, our hosted solutions allow access to your ‘office’ from anywhere in the world 24/7 using any type of enabled device – assuming that you have an internet connection !

It’s not simply hosted desktops that we can provide but hosted applications and servers, hosted exchange, Sharepoint and more all backed up by our unbeatable support service. Security seems to be one of the main reasons for clients moving their business to the cloud. To address this we use UK based Data Centres which comply with all the relevant security standards to give you peace of mind.

SpamPython Protection For Exchange Users

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Spam filtering software Devon with Spampython

Spam filtering software Devon with Spampython

With Spam filtering becoming an increasingly tough nut to crack we have completed our assessment of the various Spam filtering services available. There are many such services so the decision to run with so chosing SpamPython was not an easy one. We now offer this service at domain level, meaning that all email sent to your email addresses will be filtered for a fixed cost* irrespective of how many email addresses you have and how many emails you receive (*up to 100,000 per month on the standard tariff).

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All anti Spam software uses filters to decipher what email is legitimate and what is not. SpamPython adds approximately 15,000 filters daily and currently has approximately 5 million filters in place making it the most thorough service available. In addition it monitors sender behaviour in real-time so it is able to spot servers that are emitting spam and act fast to prevent it from reaching your mailboxes.

Getting filtering levels right is very important. If you set levels too low then you continue to get spam email. If you set them too high then there is a good chance that you will miss some legitimate email. When you deploy SpamPython you have no such worries and you will only receive genuine email saving you bundles of wasted time and money.

Other benefits of SpamPython include reduced congestion of your valuable bandwidth. Instead of your broadband being cluttered downloading bogus email and attachments it will be freed up allowing web pages to load and legitimate email to download quicker. PLUS no more wasted time deleting junk from your inbox !

With easy access to your quarantine area you can keep an eye on things and be confident that you are not missing out on any important email. The simple preview facility allows you to safely view erroneous email by masking links and images to eliminate the risk of any infection.

With prices from £14 per month plus VAT can you afford not to give it a try ? Why not call us today so we can discuss your SpamPython requirements.

Myriad complete first Workbooks CRM roll-out

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Back in June 2014 Myriad started selling for Workbooks CRM Solutions – Independently voted  CRM system of the year for 2014.

Having completed the product training we were keen to implement Workbooks and watch as it was adopted by our the client and is now live and operational and used for managing the company’s interactions with customers and sales prospects.

Workbooks CRM Software Rated #1 for Customer Satisfaction

In the independent G2Crowd Report on CRM, users and customers gave Workbooks a score of 99 out of 100 for customer satisfaction. That’s better than large vendors such as, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP CRM and Oracle.” Visit their site now for more product information

At Myriad we researched the various CRM platforms well before this accolade was awarded and found it to provide the riches list of features, the swiftest of implementations and a clear and logical user interface making it instantly popular with its end users. See Workbooks rich feature list here:

Founded in 2007 in the UK by a team of  experienced entrepreneurs, Workbooks rapidly became one of the fastest growing providers of web-based CRM and Business Applications with customers spanning many industry sectors including Finance, Professional Services, Insurance, Not-for-profit organisations, IT, Telecommunications, Construction, Transport & Logistics and Manufacturing.

In essence Workbooks can help a business to increase sales and improve the quality of service whilst reducing costs. Why not let us explain how the UK’s favourite web based CRM platform can help your business grown and streamline its internal processes. As well as being the most popular it also provides one of the lowest costs of ownership while delivering fantastic ROI.

So if you are a business currently without a CRM system or have had enough of your existing platform or are wanting to reduce your costs please call us today and we can arrange a demonstration. We just know you’ll be impressed !

Myriad partner up with 2Circles

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Myriad have recently become a partner with 2 Circles, O2 Wholesale Communications of the Year Winners for 3 consecutive years.

2 Circles Communications are an award winning communications specialist who provide complete communications solutions, promising best in class service and guaranteed cost savings to our business clients throughout the UK.

This means that here at Myriad we can now offer better value broadband, mobile and land line deals to all of our clients with the confidence that we are backed by an industry leading specialist with many years of experience and proven track record.

As a 2 Circles client appointed by Myriad you will benefit from:
All calls are answered in 3 rings by a real person, based in the UK
All customers receive a named account manager
We provide proactive support in identifying on-going cost saving opportunities
You have one supplier and one bill for all your communications requirements
All customers get Free Online billing and usage alerts to help manage your costs

This service offering extends to the whole of the UK. Established in 1999, 2 Circles have shown impressive growth in one of the most competitive comm sectors and can now boast a network of 200 Business Partners and Engineers and Over 6500 clients throughout the UK (including Northern Ireland), across every single UK business sector.

We are very pleased to be able to offer these services at competitive pricing all backed up by 24/7 support.

Myriad offer lease finance solutions

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We are now able to offer attractive flexible finance options on both hardware and software purchases. Working with 2 finance houses we now offer a range of products aimed at making your IT systems affordable.

Working with two specialist Technology Finance companys, both of which are fully aligned to the IT supplier channel, we are able to finance IT hardware and software and as such able to offer the best terms in the market for both established and start-up businesses. In mnay cases this can extend to financing the total solution including all pre-delivered services such as installation and training.

We have a fantastic range of products available for you to consider and some very effective ideas on how to successfully implement leasing to assist your business. Please contact us for more information for finance on purchases of £1000 net and over.