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March 2015

SpamPython Protection For Exchange Users

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Spam filtering software Devon with Spampython

Spam filtering software Devon with Spampython

With Spam filtering becoming an increasingly tough nut to crack we have completed our assessment of the various Spam filtering services available. There are many such services so the decision to run with so chosing SpamPython was not an easy one. We now offer this service at domain level, meaning that all email sent to your email addresses will be filtered for a fixed cost* irrespective of how many email addresses you have and how many emails you receive (*up to 100,000 per month on the standard tariff).

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All anti Spam software uses filters to decipher what email is legitimate and what is not. SpamPython adds approximately 15,000 filters daily and currently has approximately 5 million filters in place making it the most thorough service available. In addition it monitors sender behaviour in real-time so it is able to spot servers that are emitting spam and act fast to prevent it from reaching your mailboxes.

Getting filtering levels right is very important. If you set levels too low then you continue to get spam email. If you set them too high then there is a good chance that you will miss some legitimate email. When you deploy SpamPython you have no such worries and you will only receive genuine email saving you bundles of wasted time and money.

Other benefits of SpamPython include reduced congestion of your valuable bandwidth. Instead of your broadband being cluttered downloading bogus email and attachments it will be freed up allowing web pages to load and legitimate email to download quicker. PLUS no more wasted time deleting junk from your inbox !

With easy access to your quarantine area you can keep an eye on things and be confident that you are not missing out on any important email. The simple preview facility allows you to safely view erroneous email by masking links and images to eliminate the risk of any infection.

With prices from £14 per month plus VAT can you afford not to give it a try ? Why not call us today so we can discuss your SpamPython requirements.